Castle Family News !

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The Castle family is growing and Charlotte’s going to be a big sister! You may or may not have noticed how quiet I have gotten both on the blog and on instagram lately. I will post a story update here or there but for the most part have been off!

Phew, the exhaustion of a second pregnancy is real! I remember being tired with Charlotte, but this feels more intense. Poor Charlotte had her fair share of Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Daniel Tiger while I could not get off the couch.

We finally went to the Doctor yesterday which is why I’m sharing today! I’m already at 14 weeks but I wanted to wait to share until our first appointment. Due to my scheduling mishap (mom brain, pregnancy brain, whatever you want to call it), we didn’t have an appointment until this week. Second child problems, already! We went to the doctor at 6 weeks with Charlotte. Does anyone ever feel that way with their second? That things are much more relaxed? Maybe that’s a good thing!

I initially planned on sharing early, but I didn’t have any energy to write this post! As time went on, I started to feel nervous and really wanted that confirmation of an ultrasound. It felt super abstract to be pregnant again since my main focus has been on Charlotte. It was a relief and also comforting to get to see the baby!

This pregnancy feels super different than with Charlotte because I did not post on social media. If I did post, it had nothing to do with being pregnant, it was usually only my face, or my belly was completely hidden. I even made sure other’s social medias did not have my belly in it! I will admit, I was a little crazy about it. I was unsure about being pregnant and terrified of my changing body and weight gain. There were so many emotions. (I’ll give all of that it’s own post!)

Now, I know a little more of what to expect, and I’m less worried about how much I will gain. I know how wonderful it is to bring a baby into this world, and with that comes so many changes. I will say I’m less afraid, because if I say the thought doesn’t cross my mind while trying to fit into clothes, I’d be lying.

The first question I always get is if we’re finding out whether it’s a boy or a girl, and we are not! We’re doing the same thing we did with Charlotte and waiting until the birth. It was so exciting through labor knowing we would know so soon and made for such a special moment when she came out! David was convinced she was going to be a boy and almost announced wrong!! It’s an overwhelming moment to say the least.

My goal this pregnancy is to be much more transparent about the changes, and also about how our family is changing. Charlotte definitely doesn’t understand anything yet, but does say “baby” and takes care of her dolls so sweetly. She loves seeing babies at church so lets hope that sentiment stays when there’s a baby in our home!

It feels great to be writing again, and my commitment is to continue to offer posts and content that you enjoy and that is helpful when parenting your little ones this year! Leave any questions you’d like me to answer in the comments and I will get to them! Thank you for being on this journey with us!