How do I even "self care"


Yesterday, I posted reminding everyone to take time to practice self-care this weekend.  However, when I was getting ready for bed I was thinking about how I'm always posting vaguely about it and I wanted to get into it a little deeper.  

Maybe the term "self-care" is getting overused so we're ignoring it.  Or, maybe we see people posting spa days and relaxing by the pool and think self-care is unattainable because we don't have the time or money.  

Regardless of why we're ignoring it, we need to stop, and start taking it seriously.  I wanted to share a couple of things that I have done to fill up my cup and things you can start doing, today.  By the way, I love that metaphor because to me, it's so visual and I can actually see my cup being filled.  

First off, it sounds silly, but you have to actually name that you are doing "self-care".  I know you might think that's weird but I'll give you an example.  I can just watch a funny show and at the end of it feel like I wasted 30 minutes of my evening.  But, if I sit down and tell myself I'm practicing self-care and I'm going to watch this funny show and enjoy my favorite snack mindfully, our brains process it differently.  Does that make more sense? So, when I go out for my morning walk, I don't treat it as an obligation, I treat it as a gift I'm giving myself to start the day with movement.  

Next, write a list of things thats fill you up.  Both my husband and I have our lists hanging up in the kitchen.  This is for those times where you might have 5 or 10 or even 15 minutes until you have to do something and you end up wasting it away on your phone. Just me? Ok great. 

This list has things as little as a cup of my favorite Texas Pecan coffee all the way to vacations alone with David.  And, of course things in between like listening to Charlotte laugh, journaling, a good book, walking with Charlotte, sitting outside reading, taking pictures, learning, singing at church, podcasts, breakfast dates, a good margarita with a friend, and the list goes on.  

The reason why I need this list is because sometimes I forget the little things I love when I'm going through the daily motions, and two, I forget that sometimes self-care can be little things.  I can do something every single day that is for me.

I can say I don't have time, but that's just not true.  If I'm not doing any of these it's because I'm not making the time. I can wake up earlier to journal, and have my coffee.  I can set aside time in my day to walk and workout.  I can do these things, name that they are self-care, and they can fill me up.  

So can you! This week, sit down and write down all the things that fill you up both big and small.  Put that list somewhere that you pass by daily, and make time for at least one thing a day.  If you feel like you're having a rough day, go visit it and make time for at least one thing. You can change your mindset on "self-care". You deserve it ! 

Now, I want to hear what's on your lists !!