What is Circling Grace?


         When I think about the parent I want to be, I think of God’s grace.  Constantly forgiving us when we make mistakes and guiding us in our relationship with Him.  I want the same thing for my parenting and my relationship with Charlotte.  I want to guide her by letting her learn and being right there to hug her and show my love with my presence and understanding. I want to create a relationship where she feels comfortable to come to me with joy, pain, fear, and guilt without shame. I want an open relationship with her where she feels free to express herself without fearing judgement.

            I believe that we all want that relationship with our parents, whether we received it, or not.  As soon as we are born, we desire that perfect love.  That grace filled love. That unconditional love.  The love that our parents do their absolute best to give, yet always fall short because only God is truly capable of that Love. While I believe that, I also believe that I strive to give that love to Charlotte and any future children in our path.  And I know I will fall short.  That’s why I will constantly be Circling Grace.  

Who is this blog for?

            My goal in starting this blog is for you Moms who are trying your best.  You aren’t getting it right all the time, and that’s OK.  I am here with you.  You want to have a loving relationship with your child.  You want them to grow up secure, and happy, and successful.  You try every day to “do all the right things” and at the end of the day, you focus on the things that went wrong.  This is for you.  You are working hard. When you say something you wish you hadn’t, that's OK. It just means you get another opportunity to get it “right” tomorrow.  God extends you grace.  I extend you grace.  Even your kids extend you grace. It’s time to extend yourself some grace.  That is why we are all Circling Grace.   


Charlotte and I at the Sugar Cloth Wall. Photo taken by SydneyArmesPhotography

Charlotte and I at the Sugar Cloth Wall. Photo taken by SydneyArmesPhotography