Family Mother's Day

Hi! I'm Hannah.  The face behind Circling Grace.  I have a husband, David, a sweet one year old, Charlotte, and a little dog, Miloh and we live in Houston, Texas.  We are originally from the Northeast and we moved to Houston five years ago due to a job, and we've been here ever since! 

I love talking and connecting with people.  During the week, you will find me on play dates, coffee dates, at the gym, walking, taking photos of Charlotte, or just connecting with people close-by.  I love dreaming about ideas.  And I also love when other people, (like my husband, execute them!).  As you can tell, I also love all things bright and colorful.  On the evenings and weekends, you'll find me in my Private Practice office seeing my psychotherapy clients, and holding Parenting groups or workshops.  I love that I am given the opportunity to walk alongside individuals curious to learn more about themselves, reconcile with their past, and ultimately become better partners and parents.  

I have both my Bachelors and Masters in Social Work (it's the family business) and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I spent most of my professional career working with and studying children, trauma and the parent-child relationship.  I have come to the belief that the true work lies in the parent since our children are always learning from us.  Through my own journey with parenthood, I felt the need to create a space to bridge the gap between the knowledge and the real life experiences. This blog has been a dream of mine for quite some time, and I'm so excited that the day to share it with you is here.

If you're here looking for Psychotherapy services or Parenting Workshops please visit  Hannah Castle, LCSW  for more information on how to contact me.